"Passionate Feelings… Everyone!!" (熱情…それぞれ!!, Netsujō… Sorezore!!, Viz: Impassioned Efforts… Each and Every One!!) is chapter 93 of the original Naruto manga.


Naruto continues to struggle with summoning toads, to Jiraiya's irritation. Meanwhile, with Konoha suspecting some sort of attack by Orochimaru, the village's jōnin prepare for the worst. Kakashi in particular trains to reach his best while also helping Sasuke with his approaching match in the Chūnin Exams. Sakura, unaware that Sasuke has left with Kakashi, goes to the Konoha hospital to visit him. There she finds Lee resuming his own training despite the injuries he received during the preliminaries. When his training only makes his injuries worse, she leaves him the flower she had brought for Sasuke.

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