Peddlers Escort Team
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Peddlers Escort Team (行商人護衛チーム, Gyōshō Jin Goei Chīmu)
Anime Naruto Episode #187
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The Peddlers Escort Team (行商人護衛チーム, Gyōshō Jin Goei Chīmu)[1] was a genin team, assigned to escort a group of merchants from the Land of Vegetables.


The team was made-up of Chōji, Hinata and Naruto. When one of the merchants, Kikunojō, was killed, the genin realise that their true objective was to protect Haruna — the daimyō successor of the Land of Vegetables, from the Janin, who took over the land with the aid of disloyal and greedy courtiers. In the end, the three missing-nin were stopped, with two of them dying. After the mission, Naruto was offered the position of daimyō's advisor, but he declined it due to his desire to save Sasuke.


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