"Prepared" (覚悟, Kakugo) is chapter 49 of the Boruto manga.


Konoha civilians notice Isshiki floating above them. Shinobi inform them of an emergency alert and issue evacuation orders. Isshiki looks for Kawaki with his Byakugan. Via Ino, Shikamaru warns all the shinobi that only Naruto and Sasuke are to engage Isshiki in combat. Naruto leaves to fight Isshiki, and tells Boruto he's also to evacuate. Isshiki questions Konoha shinobi about Kawaki's location, threatening to attack civilians. One of them confesses that they don't have the information. Shikamaru wants to leave, Sai grabs the unconscious Kawaki, and suggests hiding in an old, secret Anbu underground facility. Shikamaru wants Amado to come with them, who expresses concern for Isshiki's Byakugan finding them out. Sai reassures him that the facility is protected against such abilities. Shikamaru thanks Sasuke, and tells Boruto to come along. Sasuke wants to have a word with Boruto first. Isshiki is surprised to find Naruto out of his seal. Sasuke confesses to Boruto that he and Naruto barely made any damage to Jigen before. He explains that Sarada told him what happened during the fight against Boro, and having heard Amado's explanation, Boruto knows it was Momoshiki who defeated him. Sasuke raises the possibility of Boruto's Kāma starting to override him. Boruto is prepared to die fighting, even if it scares him, but he is worried about what he might do if his body is taken over. Naruto refuses to tell Isshiki where Kawaki is, so he puts civilians in danger. The two start fighting. Isshiki kicks Naruto through a couple buildings. Sasuke switches places with Isshiki. Isshiki reminds them how he defeated them before. Sasuke instructs Naruto to cover with shuriken and kunai. They both use them, though Isshiki shrinks them. Sasuke throws his sword, which Isshiki can't shrink, surprising him. The sword transforms back into Boruto, who has his Kāma activated. Sasuke promised to Boruto to stop him if Momoshiki takes him over, even if he has to kill him, making the promise as his teacher as Naruto probably wouldn't be able to do it. Boruto asked for Sasuke's forehead protector again. Boruto uses his Kāma to create a rift, taking himself and Isshiki away from Konohagakure. Sasuke tracks Boruto's chakra. Isshiki wonders how much of Momoshiki's Kāma Boruto can use. Sasuke and Naruto arrive at their location, where Boruto tells them they can fight all out. They all prepare to fight.

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