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|parent jutsu=Six Paths of Pain
|parent jutsu=Six Paths of Pain
|jutsu classification=Kekkei Genkai~Rinnegan, Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu,
|jutsu classification=Kekkei Genkai~Rinnegan, Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu,
|users=Nagato, Sage of the Six Paths,
|debut manga=376
|debut manga=376
|debut anime=131
|debut anime=131

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The Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō) was the third of Nagato's Six Paths of Pain to be shown. It was incapacitated and petrified during the invasion of Pain after it absorbed too much of Naruto Uzumaki's senjutsu chakra and turned into a toad statue.


File:Preta Path Alive.png

When he was alive, the Preta Path belonged to a large, bulky man from Kusagakure. The anime showed that he was both a ninja and a farmer who'd failed to cultivate the land for his family due to his participation in the Second Shinobi World War. The Preta Path, like all of the six paths, possessed Nagato's Rinnegan. It had orange hair tied in a short ponytail. It had small spike piercings covering its entire bottom lip, two vertical spike studs on the front of his nose, two spike studs (one on each cheek), a metal spike going through each ear, and a stud on his shoulder, one on each side, close to his neck.


File:Blocking Technique Absorption Seal.JPG

This path's "Chakra Absorption" ability was primarily defensive, since it was capable of absorbing any ninjutsu-related technique, thereby nullifying its effect. This technique could also take the form of a barrier around its body, allowing it to absorb attacks from all directions.

The Preta Path turned to stone

The Preta Path turned to stone.

In addition to its defensive properties, this body's ability had also shown offensive capabilities, as it could absorb all the chakra out of any person that it touched or grabbed.


In Buddhism, the Preta realm (also known as the Hungry Ghost realm) is a reincarnation based on strong possessiveness and desire which were cultivated in a previous life or lives. The Preta are humanoid creatures which are perpetually hungry and thirsty, but are unable to sate themselves, living lives similar to those of hopeless addicts trying to appease their unyielding hunger. In appearance, the Preta are deathly pale, emaciated figures, which contrasts with Pain's Preta Path's hefty stature.

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