A puppet performance technique where chakra threads are attached to various spots on a person's body; the head, torso, both arms, and both legs. The person being manipulated gains the ability to not only use their own techniques, but the skills of the puppeteer as well.

The origins of this technique lie on the battlefield. When a puppeteer's puppets were all destroyed, they would begin using corpses. To perform this technique with a living person would normally require both parties to cooperate with each other. However, a highly skilled user can control the target by force if the person is severely weakened or damaged, rendering them unable to resist.


  • In chapter 34, Kankurō performed a similar manoeuvre to this to make Naruto trip.
  • In the anime, this technique is referred to as the Dance of Sakura (サクラの舞, Sakura no Mai, English TV: Ninja Art: Sakura Puppet Dance) when used on Sakura Haruno.
  • When Mukade used it in the movie, the chakra threads wrapped around the target's limbs instead of simply connecting to them. He was strong enough to force his victim to move to his will without weakening them beforehand.

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