The Puppet Walkers are a unique form of puppet created by the Shirogane Clan. How they differ from normal puppets is unclear, but they are the result of forbidden human experimentation. They come in three variations.



This is the most commonly encountered form of Puppet Walker. They have a head that resembles that of Kuroari, long thin arms with three bladed fingers on each hand, a box chest with a technique formula at its centre with the kanji for "cut" () in it, a thin spine connecting their chest to their hips and legs clad in black, tattered trousers. They attack primarily with their claws, spinning on the spot or diving at their targets.


This variant is seemingly intended for destroying enemy bases. It has a thinner head than the standard Puppet Walker, resembling more the droid army from Star Wars. It has a thinner chest and similar arms to the standard model, but without the claws. On their backs are large, red discs with a technique formula on them. They possess the same spine as the standard walkers, but with thinner legs and no articles of clothing. They attack primarily by igniting themselves and charging at their opponent or tackling them to the ground.


The last of the main three walker variants, these Puppet Walkers appear more solid than the other models. They have broad, bull-like heads complete with horns. They have stronger defined shoulders with thick forearms compared to the others, with metal spheres instead of hands. While their chest section is similar to the standard Puppet Walker with the "shoot" () kanji at its centre, they have a waist section connecting it to their hips. They attack by firing orbs of lightning at their target from a distance or with boxing-like melee attacks when in range.