"Pursue Oto…!!" (音を追え…!!, Oto o Oe…!!, Viz: Pursuit…!!) is chapter 185 of the original Naruto manga.


After activating level one of their cursed seals, the Sound Four attack Raidō Namiashi and Genma Shiranui. When they do not return their teammates, Iwashi Tatami and Shizune, go looking for them and find them near death. The Sasuke Recovery Team, detecting the battle while pursuing Sasuke, realises that Sasuke has escorts. They near the Sound Four's location and find traps in the area. Knowing they are probably resting after their battle, the Retrieval Team prepares to ambush them.


  • The cover of this this chapter is a redraw of the cover of chapter 3, showing how Kishimoto's style had evolved in the four years since he began the manga.
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Pursue Oto…!! +
September 29, 2003 +
音を追え…!! +
Naruto +
Pursue Oto…!! +, 音を追え…!! +  and Oto o Oe…!! +
Oto o Oe…!! +