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"Pursuers" (追跡者, Tsuisekisha) is chapter 144 of the original Naruto manga.


Naruto asks why Jiraiya was so determined to teach him a new technique, and theorises that it's because he has some special ability. Jiraiya replies that it's because Naruto reminds him of the Fourth Hokage. Meanwhile, Sasuke continues to train, trying to become as strong as Naruto was during his fight with Gaara for whenever he meets his brother, Itachi. When he visits Kakashi later and finds Kakashi unconscious, he learns that he was defeated by Itachi, who has returned to Konoha to capture Naruto. Sasuke goes looking for him and picks up on his trail, hoping to find him before Itachi does. Jiraiya and Naruto check into a motel a few miles from Konoha. When they catch a woman's attention, Jiraiya sends Naruto to their room so that he can try his luck. When someone knocks at their door a short while later, Naruto assumes Jiraiya has already been turned down and opens it. He instead finds Itachi.

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