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Raido Namiashi

Raido Namiashi

Raido Namiashi並足ライドウNamiashi Raidou

Debut (Manga)

Chapter 93

Debut (Anime)

Naruto Episode 55

Appears in

Anime and Manga

Seiyū (Japanese)
  • Hiroshi Tsuchida
Voice actor(s) (English)
  • Patrick Seitz

Highest rank Tokubetsu Jonin
"Tokubetsu Jonin" is not in the list of possible values (Academy Student, Genin, Chūnin, Tokubetsu Jōnin, Jōnin, Kage, Head Ninja, Anbu, Chūbu) for this property.


August 28

  • Part I: 31-32
  • Part II: 35

183 cm


75 kg



Blood type






Raido Namiashi (並足ライドウ, Namiashi Raidō) serves as the Third Hokage's assistant during the Chunin Exams, and is characterized by a large scar on his left cheek. He is usually seen with Genma Shiranui and Aoba Yamashiro.

Part I

During the final rounds of the Chunin Exams stays in the box seat with the Third Hokage. He keeps the Third informed about what is going on and communicates the Third's wishes to the other ninja involved with the exams. When the invasion of Konoha begins, Raido is attacked by the Sound Four, disguised as the Fourth Kazekage's Bodyguards, to keep him from helping the Third Hokage.

Sasuke retrieval arc

Raido is sent on a mission with Genma Shiranui, Iwashi Tatami, and Shizune. During a break on they way back, Raido and Genma encounter the Sound Four. In order to beat Raido the Sound Four must first activate level two of their cursed seals, leaving Raido gravely injured and in need of medical attention by Shizune.

Part II

Hidan and Kakuzu arc

Raido appears in Part II as a member of the Nijū Shōtai, assisting Asuma Sarutobi's team in the fight against Akatsuki. After Hidan and Kakuzu are distracted by Aoba's crows, Raido, dressed in black, attempts a sneak attack on Kakuzu with a black sword. Kakuzu is able to defend against it, but by doing so Raido learns some valuable information about Kakuzu's abilities and gives a chance for Kotetsu and Izumo to get away.


Despite the handful of fights he has been in, Raido has yet to be seen in extended combat. Given that the Sound Four needed to activate their cursed seals in order to defeat him, it is likely that he is a formidable fighter. It was shown that when Hidan and Kakuzu attempted to kill Kotetsu and Izumo, Raido successfully, attacked and fended off Kakuzu with a Sword called Ebony Blade.


  • "Namiashi" means "walking pace" while "Raido" means "following blindly."


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