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"Reincarnation…!!" (転生…!!, Tensei…!!, Viz: Transference…!!) is chapter 198 of the original Naruto manga.


With his dying breath, Kidōmaru tells Neji that the Sasuke Recovery Team is wasting their time, as Sasuke is fully committed to joining Orochimaru. Neji is confident that Naruto can change Sasuke's mind, and passes out after entrusting Sasuke's retrieval to the rest of the team. The retrieval team near the remaining Sound Four while the Sound Four realises their teammates are running late. Elsewhere, Orochimaru agonises over the Sound Four's tardiness, desperate to take Sasuke's body to escape the Third Hokage's seal. When he cannot wait any longer, he instructs Kabuto to prepare an alternative. Kabuto has several prisoners fight to the death with the promise that the victor will be released.

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