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Novel The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi
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Renge Momoashi is a fictional character formerly in service to Shuku Village from The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi novel written by Jiraiya. He is featured as the novel's main antagonist. He is described as hailing from a clan of "centipede users".


At age six, Renge graduated from Shuku Academy and was placed on Team Shū under Shū's leadership alongside Naruto Musasabi and Tsuyu. Tsuyu almost immediately developed romantic feelings for him, but he was uninterested in her. At one point, Tsuyu confessed her feelings to Renge, but he rejected her rather harshly. Renge also developed a rather strong rivalry with Naruto, which was described as "unfriendly".

During the Second Shinobi World War, Tsuyu and the rest of Team Shū rose to the rank of jōnin and became involved in many battles. One battle in particular where they managed to hold their own against rival village leader Maei Yagyū, who bestowed the three the title "The Three Ninja of Shuku".


Renge was described by many of his peers as a strange person. He views that he is getting too big to stay confined to one village and desires to venture out into the shinobi world to explore his own desires.

A great deal of animosity in Renge's life is focused around his former teammate Naruto, who he appeared to "strongly hate", as fellow former teammate Tsuyu described.


Renge has long hair and wears a kimono with a millipedes crest in middle. It is also mentioned later that he wears the Shuku headband around the neck.


Described as an extremely powerful shinobi, Renge has a wide knowledge of powerful techniques at his disposal. His nature transformation included Water Release. One of his signature techniques was Watery Moon (Mizu no Tsuki), which causes his form to sway and flicker, allowing him to easily avoid enemy attacks.

Renge would eventually gain possession of the powerful village destroying kinjutsu: Gukōizan (Literally meaning: Even a fool can move a mountain if he's persistent), in which the user controls giant statues to literally keep up Mount Hyakki and drop it on a target.

Renge also has the ability to summon giant centipedes like the rest of his clan; his personal summon, a giant centipede named Gokomaru, doesn't particularly care for Renge.

The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi

At some point, Renge, growing tired of his life in Shuku, defects and becomes a missing-nin forcing his former teammates to hunt him down.

During the events of the story, Renge takes over the village of Kon and becomes the Kaosu.


  • Much of Renge's character appear to be inspired by Orochimaru with the character's rivalry with the main lead, defection from his home village, serpentine-like summons, and villainous personality.
  • Renge's summon Gokomaru appears to be based off Orochimaru's personal summon Manda as both summons do not appear to care for their summoner.

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