Like the standard Summoning Technique, this technique allows the user to transport a target to a location. But whereas the regular Summoning Technique functions identically from one use to the next, the Reverse Summoning Technique has had two distinct uses seen in the series:

  • With the standard Summoning Technique, a shinobi summons an animal that they've signed a contract with to their location.[2] The Reverse Summoning Technique does the opposite, allowing an animal to summon a shinobi that has signed a contract with its species to its location.[3] Whereas summons performed by shinobi have some sort of time limit, after which the animal will automatically return to its home,[4] summons performed by animals have no known time limit, as Naruto Uzumaki remains at Mount Myōboku for several days after he's been reverse summoned there. Animals can return the shinobi to where they were summoned from when they choose,[5] potentially overlapping with the Reverse Summoning Technique's second form of usage.
  • After a shinobi has summoned an animal, they can use the Reverse Summoning Technique to transport the animal to another location. The shinobi and/or their allies can accompany the animal when this is done, such as by riding in its mouth, giving the shinobi a method of quickly travelling long distances[6] or escaping confinement.[7]


  • During Pain's Assault, Fukasaku uses a scroll that's been marked with the kanji for "human" () when he reverse summons Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones.[8] The exact reason for using the scroll is unclear.


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