Tayuya plays a melody - her "finale" - with the Demonic Flute, causing many-mouthed, worm-like spirits made of chakra to emerge from the mouths of the Doki. The chakra of the spirits is almost entirely spiritual energy, causing them to ravenously seek out physical energy in order to achieve balance. Tayuya's melody directs the spirits at her targets, who they pursue in so complicated a pattern as to resemble dancing. When the spirits pass through the targets, they take bites of physical energy.[1] Because they are chakra, the spirits are impervious to direct attack. As such, the target's only chance of stopping the spirits is to either prevent Tayuya from playing her flute or to neutralise the Doki.[2]


  • The full name of this technique is Finale, Ninth Movement: Revolt of the Demon World (終曲第九節・魔境の乱, Shūkyoku Daikyūsetsu: Makyō no Ran).[3]
  • Shikamaru Nara believes this technique is hiden because of the special chakra it uses.[2] Tō no Sho does not label it so.
  • Tayuya's entry in Tō no Sho mistakenly refers to this technique as "Revolt of the Demon Mirror" (魔鏡の乱, Makyō no Ran).[4]


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