Tayuya manipulates her three Doki with the sound of her flute. Her melody releases materialised spirits, which are actually special chakra sealed inside of the Doki. The materialised spirits are composed almost entirely of spiritual energy, so the chakra is in an unstable state. Therefore, they crave physical energy, so they hunt for their prey endlessly.


  • In Tayuya's chracter profile from the Second Databook this technique is called "Revolt of the Demon Mirror" (魔鏡の乱, Makyō no Ran).
  • Tayuya has called this technique her "Finale, Ninth Movement: Revolt of the Demon World" (終曲第九節・魔境の乱, Shūkyoku Daikyūsetsu: Makyō no Ran).
  • Shikamaru noted in his fight with Tayuya that her techniques use special chakra and she must be a user of Hiden techniques, just like Shikamaru himself. The second databook doesn't label Tayuya's techniques as Hiden, though.


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