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Rokkaku Ryudoin
龍堂院六角 Ryūdōin Rokkaku
Anime Naruto Episode #196
Game Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2
Appears in Anime, Game
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male

Rokkaku Ryūdōin (龍堂院六角, Ryūdōin Rokkaku) and his brothers, Genshō and Jakō, are introduced in the anime-only Third Great Beast Arc.


At first Rokkaku hated and cursed Might Guy for defeating his father in battle and along with his brothers wanted revenge on Guy. Later after being defeated by Guy, Rokkaku thought that he may have misunderstood his fathers final words.


Rokkaku has neck length smooth black hair that he keeps tied in a pony tail. On each side of his upper head he has four lines of hair. He has small black eyes. He wears a purple open vest with black out linings and a pair of black fingerless gloves that extend to just below his elbows. There is a white marking on the front of his right glove and he has a black tattoo on his upper right arm extended down under the glove. He wears a pair of blue pants and he also has white bandages wrapped around his stomach.


He was able to use the Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique, manipulating several wooden figures to attack enemies when they come to close, as well as break apart the wooden figures to form a wooden temple which can be manipulated to attack the enclosed enemies in any direction he wants.

Part I

Third Great Beast Arc

They seek revenge on Might Guy for their father's humiliation and death. It was then revealed that Guy had great respect for Rokkaku's father. Guy said that Rokkaku's father was a great and brave man who wished to fight Guy again one day. The brothers then felt as though they misinterpreted their father's departing words.

In Other Media

Video Games

Rokkaku made an appearance in the Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 video game. In the video game, he and his brothers are trying to conquer the world, using the Spirit Beast. With the Spirit Beast's evil powers, he and his siblings would force others to fight against each other. In the Frontier Volcano, Gaara kills Rokkaku by lifting him with his Sand Binding Coffin and chucking him into the lava.


  • "Rokkaku" (六角) means "hexagon" or "hexagonal".


  • "They are fighting each other without even knowing it, how father would have enjoyed this."
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