• Name: Root (Ne, A.k.a. ANBU Root Division)
  • Affiliation: ANBU, Konohagakure
  • Leader: Formerly Danzo
  • Memebers: None. Formerly Sai and other unknown secret Ninja
  • Status: Disbanded

Root (Ne) is an ANBU training deparment that was founded by Danzo. This is an extremely strict group. Danzo trains members to loose their emotions. Each member has a codename and never reveal their true name. Sai's actual name is unknown thus being Codename: Sai. They are later on sent on secret missions that are never revealed what they are.


Infiltrating Orochimaru's Hideout

  • Assigned to: Sai
  • Rank: A-Rank (could be S-Rank)

Secret Purpose: The actual purpose of this mission was so that Danzo would be able to get information and ally with Orochimaru so they could destroy Konoha for revenge. However it is later revelaed that the real purpose is something else. After looking into Sai's bingo book has several people who he must kill (or killed). Sasuke was one of them, Yamato deducted that the alliance was just a trick to get near Sasuke and kill him, which is later confirmed by Sai himself.

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