"Run, Dodge, Zigzag! Chase or Be Chased!" (疾走、迷走、ジグザグ走!追って追われて間違えて, Shissō, Meisō, Jiguzagusō! Otte Owarete Machigaete) is episode 176 of the original Naruto anime.


Working together, the group escapes from the cave-in with the treasure, but learns that Hinata injured her leg. After realising that Naruto and Kiba argue too often while Hinata worries for the others too much, they head into the town to stop their copies. The group outwits and defeats their copies except Naruto, who uses Nine-Tails' chakra fueled shadow clones to defeat his copy, because his copy was running up a huge debt under his name, and ate all his food (including some ramen he was saving for a special occasion). Naruto's copy also accidentally bumped into Sakura, who was walking out of the library with an extremely tall stack of books. The copy then ridicules Sakura for being such a klutz, which angers her and leads her to unknowingly punch the real Naruto. Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata learn that the mission was a test to see if they could work together as a team, and that they passed it. Tsunade becomes upset when the "treasure" turns out to be a bill for services.