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Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower
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  • Princess

She is the daughter of the last queen of Rōran, Sāra, before it was destroyed and therefore in extension, making her the granddaughter of Sēramu.


She is a kind young girl. She would kindly talk to suspicious looking strangers.


She bears a striking resemblance to her mother, but her hair is lighter in colour. She wears an orange robe with a navy blue outline, violet irises, and a tan and green bandanna around her forehead.

Plot Overview

After Team 7 leaves Rōran's ruins, she appears before them, saying that she felt a disturbance in the Ryūmyaku, using her late mother's Chakra Blade, who received it from a hero in a dream. She tells them that her mother saved her people when Rōran was destroyed during the war and gave her the Chakra Blade, so she could inherit her will and keep protecting her people.

After leaving, Naruto says that he saw her somewhere before, though he couldn't remember where.

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