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Sosetsu Kazahana
風花早雪 Kazahana Sōsetsu
Novel Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (novel)
Movie Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Appears in Novel, Movie
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Status Deceased

Sōsetsu Kazahana (風花早雪, Kazahana Sōsetsu) was the previous daimyō of the Land of Snow and the father of Koyuki Kazahana.


Sōsetsu used to tell his daughter about the beauty of the spring season, and that she would one day see it, in the Land of Snow, where it was forever winter. To this end, he created a generator to warm the climate and when it is done the Spring will come in the Land of Snow. This generator is considered to be the Kazahana treasure, and is activated by a hexagonal crystal, which is considered the key.

Sōsetsu lived in the beautiful Kazahana Castle until his brother, Dotō Kazahana, burnt it down, which killed everyone inside, and forcefully took control over the Land of Snow and for the treasure (which Dotō had no idea what it was), leaving Koyuki the only survivor and escaping with the hexagonal crystal.


By all indications Sōsetsu was a kind man, a loving father as well as a benevolent ruler, with many of his subjects still loyal to him many years after his death. His goal was to bring spring to his country, even though building the generator needed for this nearly bankrupted the country.


Sōsetsu had long, receding black and large black eyes. He wore a pair of circular-framed glasses and a daimyō uniform.


Sōsetsu's death would scar Koyuki for the next ten years, leading her to become cold and uncaring, putting emotions forward only as an act, as well as referring his dreams about spring to be a lie, all until the generator was activated to create the spring season, much to Koyuki's delight and Dotō's fury (the latter was angry at the treasure being a mere generator). Sōsetsu's death led Sandayū Asama to develop a grudge against Dotō, and tried to get revenge against the latter but unfortunately ultimately failed.


  • "Kazahana" means "snowflake" while "Sōsetsu" means "early snow".
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