The Saezuri (囀り, Literally meaning: Chirping) is an ancient device used to obtain the power of the Ama no Hoko. Activating and controlling the device requires combinations of seven sounds. These sounds are produced by inserting and activating seven metal bars, which are referred to as "sounds", into the device. In addition to the activation pattern, a second sound pattern is required to release the Ama no Hoko's power and yet another is required to deactivate it.

By varying the sound patterns, one can increase or decrease the level of power. Inputting sound patterns into the device can be done manually, but the device will otherwise automatically renew its power every twelve hours. If one enters a sound pattern that does not exist and is not recognised, the previously used pattern will instead be maintained.[1] Disonasu stored the Saezuri within a scroll and also possessed a book detailing the device and the sound patterns required to make use of it. Miina seemingly possesses a connection with the Saezuri, as she has hummed the sound pattern required to deactivate the Ama no Hoko on several occasions.


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