The Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation allows the user to breathe life into inorganic substances by filling the atmosphere with natural energy.


This Sage Art can be used to enslave objects with no life functions, such as the earth, giving the user the ability to make even drastic alterations to the immediate environment that occur both suddenly and unexpectedly. This makes attacks using this method extremely difficult to avoid even for someone with the Sharingan. Among the various Sage Modes, only those who have mastered the senjutsu of the Ryūchi Cave can make use of this ability.

Intense heat, like the flames of Amaterasu, can counter the effects of this technique, causing affected inorganic materials to revert to their lifeless state.


  • The middle two kanji, 機転, coincidentally also mean 'cleverness' and 'tact'.


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