The Sage Art: White Rage Technique is a senjutsu used by those who studied in the Ryūchi Cave and mastered the Sage Transformation. After forming the necessary hand seals, the user expels a dragon-like entity from their mouth that carries an orb in its left front claw. As the dragon tightly coils itself around the orb, it releases both blinding light and deafening sound by making the air oscillate. This alone greatly hinders those in the vicinity but, due to the intensity of the resulting vibrations, paralysing pain is also induced. Thus, the technique both briefly inhibits the opponent's senses, as well as techniques that require their active concentration.

According to Kabuto, only he is capable of functioning normally whilst this technique is in effect, thanks to the properties of his Sage Mode and his adopted abilities. Due to his snake characteristics, Kabuto can close the cornea of his eyes to completely block the harmful light, whilst instead relying upon the enhanced perception of his other senses to compensate for his obstructed vision. He can also liquefy the insides of his body in order to negate the effects of the harsh sound vibrations.



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