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サギ Sagi
Anime Naruto Episode #162
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Sagi (サギ, Sagi) was the son of Ōwashi, the older twin brother of Toki, and the real heir of the Land of Birds.


Toki and sagi's past

Sagi, Toki, and Chishima when they were children.

As a child, Sagi and Toki were very close, and spent much time playing together with their mutual friend Chishima. After his death, his spirit appeared and saved his sister from committing suicide. The spirit gave his sister a pocket watch that had stopped. She swore to avenge her brother's suspicious death and make his frozen time move again,[1] by disguising herself and becoming daimyō in his place to find the one responsible.


He was very caring to his sister as shown by his spirit to Naruto as well as to the Land of Birds. He seems to value life very much as indicated by the couple of times he used his spirit to save the lives of Naruto and Toki. According to Chishima, he was a cheerful and gentle person.[2]


Sagi had jaw length blackish purple hair and black eyes. He had thin eyebrows and a heart-shaped face. He wore a style of daimyō clothing seen in the Land of Birds.


  • Like his father and sister, Sagi's name is an allusion to a bird. "Sagi" () is the Japanese name for heron.


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