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Saisu Kamano
鎌野サイス Kamano Saisu
Manga Volume #46, Naruto Chapter #423
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #159
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 21
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Saisu Kamano (鎌野サイス, Kamano Saisu) is a chūnin of Konohagakure.


Saisu and his friends hide behind Itachi

Forgetting his grudge, Saisu hides behind Itachi.

In the anime, when Saisu was a student in the Academy, he was in the same class as Itachi Uchiha. During shuriken practice, he was shocked to see that Itachi's aim was perfect. Later, he challenged Itachi to spar with him, easily being defeated by the Uchiha. The next day, he was annoyed at the girls in his class fawning over Itachi, and on the way to confront him accidentally bumped into Dokan, an older student displeased by their behaviour. He, along with some other classmates, hid behind Itachi, who defended them and defeated Dokan with ease. Soon after, he claimed Itachi was a friend and paraded around calling him Master. However, one day, Dokan and many other older students targeted Saisu and Itachi's group as revenge. Saisu and his friends got beaten up, while Dokan eventually landed a hit on Itachi. Saisu, as well as everyone else present, was baffled to see that Itachi actually sent a shadow clone to the academy instead of going there himself.[2]


In the anime, as a child, Saisu appeared to be a somewhat lazy and brash individual, being bored at the Academy and quickly voicing his disdain towards everyone. He was proud and couldn't stand the prodigy Itachi, who excelled in everything, even challenging him to a duel out of jealousy. However, after Itachi saved them from Dokan, Saisu and his friends began parading around with him calling him Master Itachi, and even fought alongside him against a larger group of older students, despite being heavily outplayed.[2]



Saisu as a child.

Saisu has long, spiky brown hair reaching down to his lower back and dark eyes. He wears the standard Konohagakure attire completed with a flak jacket. He also wears bandages wrapped around his wrists. As an academy student, he wore a grey cloak over a black shirt, dark-blue pants and blue sandals. On his back, he carried a kama hulled in white bandages.[2]


While his abilities are mostly unknown, in the manga he was shown wielding a collapsible kusarigama, while in the anime he was wielding a collapsible kama, indicating that he has some skill with wielding bladed weapons. The anime indicates that he was trained in the usage of the weapon from very early on in his Academy days.[2]

Part II

Pain's Assault

During Pain's assault, he accompanied a small group of shinobi and assisted in Kakashi Hatake's confrontation with the Deva Path of Pain.[3] Upon arrival, he and his comrades launched a simultaneous assault on the opposition from four directions, only to be immediately defeated by the effects of Shinra Tensei.[4]


  • The kanji in his surname stand for "kama" (), his preferred weapon, and "field" (), where sickles got traditionally used for reaping crops. "Saisu" (サイス) is one way to write "scythe" in Japanese.


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