"Sakura's Depression!!" (サクラの憂鬱!!, Sakura no Yūutsu!!) is chapter 36 of the original Naruto manga.


Kakashi informs Team 7 that they have the opportunity to enter the Chūnin Exams. He gives any and all of them the choice not to participate before leaving. Although Naruto and Sasuke are enthusiastic, Sakura is worried that she will not be able to keep up with the other competitors. Nevertheless, Team 7 heads to the sign-up location together the next day and finds the members of Team Guy being bullied by two genin. Recognising that things are not as they seem, Sasuke begins to fight one of the genin but they are stopped by Rock Lee, a member of Team Guy who had only moments earlier appeared defenceless. Lee asks Sakura to be his girlfriend, but she turns him down before leaving. The two genin, actually chūnin in disguise, remark that this exam's competitors seem promising. Lee follows Team 7 to challenge Sasuke.

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