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Sandayu Asama
浅間三太夫 Asama Sandayū
Novel Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (novel)
Movie Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Appears in Novel, Movie
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Sandayū Asama (浅間三太夫, Asama Sandayū) was a personal assistant for Yukie Fujikaze, who appeared in Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow.


When he was young, he lived in the Kazahana Castle as a loyal subject of the daimyō, Sōsetsu Kazahana. When Dotō Kazahana revolted and burned down the castle, killing Sōsetsu in the process, Sandayū and Koyuki left the remnants of the place, and ever since then has become her personal assistant throughout her acting career.


Sandayū was a very loyal person, both towards Sōsetsu Kazahana and later his daughter, guarding and aiding Koyuki over a period of several years, while waiting for a chance to avenge his daimyō. He was also very obedient, willing to take any abuse or insult from Koyuki without ever reprimanding her.


Sandayū had short grey hair with a beard and moustache along with small black eyes. For the most part, he wore small glasses, and a baby blue long-sleeve shirt with a navy blue blazer on top. Later, Sandayū dons a samurai outfit on top of his casual wear, consisting of dark-green and red armour and a red sleeveless coat, tied at the stomach with a white sash. In this, he had a small light-blue talisman hanging from a wakizashi.


Despite not being shown in combat, the fact that he previously served as a soldier, hints that Sandayū had extensive military training. He was also seen wielding a sword.

Plot Overview

Sandayu and army

Sandayū with the army of samurai, preparing to attack Dotō.

Sandayū hired Team Kakashi to escort Yukie to the Land of Snow. He suggested this location to Yukie's movie director, so that he could bring her back to the land and make her the heiress of the throne which Dotō Kazahana had stolen.

When they reached the Land of Snow, Dotō arrived at the movie set. Later, Sandayū led a group consisting of 50 samurai to attack Dotō, in the hopes of avenging the late daimyō Sōsetsu Kazahana, Dotō's brother and Koyuki's father, whom the latter had killed ten years prior. However, Dotō's ninja subordinates launched multiple waves of kunai from their mortar-mounted train compartments, massacring the entire brigade. Later before his death and after Dotō's retreat, Sandayū managed to tell Koyuki not to cry for him with his dying breath.

After Dotō's demise, Koyuki became the new daimyō and saw the vision of Sandayū and her father until they disappeared.


  • Sandayū's given name may be a reference to the famous ninja Momochi Sandayū.
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