This is the puppet created by Sasori made to look like his original body. When he inhabited it, it contained his "core of living flesh" (生身の核, namami no kaku) in the left compartment in its chest.



On the right side of his chest compartment was a mechanism that could spin numerous chakra threads, which allowed Sasori to use his Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets. Its stomach cavity contained a thick cable coiled around a pole (which was coated in Sasori's poison before his death), allowing the puppeteer to use it as a stinger and retract it if necessary. Attached to its back was a scroll holder, containing four scrolls that seem to serve as "ammunition", one of which Sasori used to store his puppets. The puppet also has a pair of poles to the back of its hips, each equipped with five large blades (also drenched in poison) that could spin like propellers, and pipes running through each of its hands that could spew out intense fire or powerful jets of water.

While his core of living flesh was inhabiting the puppet body, Sasori held the puppet together at their connecting joints with his chakra threads. Therefore, should it be struck by brute force, the pieces would simply fall apart, thus absorbing the impact and preventing actual damage, and he can reconnect the joints together, making the puppet very difficult to destroy.

While outside of his puppet armour, Sasori would hide his weaponised body under his Akatsuki robes. This made those who are unaware of his conversion to be confused at how he managed to retain the appearance of a teenager despite being 35 years old.


Kankurō retrieves Sasori's puppet body.

After Sasori's death, Kankurō retrieved the puppet and made several modifications to it.[1] During Kankurō's usage of the puppet, it was shown to have a Mechanical Light Shield Block installed into it. The left arm of the puppet is also able to extend. Using this puppet enables Kankurō to use the Red Secret Technique: Machinery Triangles.


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