"Sasuke's Rinnegan…!!" (サスケの輪廻眼…!!, Sasuke no Rinnegan…!!) is chapter 674 of the original Naruto manga.


Never one to be outdone, Madara launches his counter-attack on Naruto and Sasuke, which the former is able to deflect while the latter evades it entirely. Madara soon realises that they have worked out the mechanisms behind his Limbo: Border Jail technique and quickly moves to reformulate his strategy. Taking the lead, Sasuke calls for Naruto to use Hagoromo's power in his next technique to bind Madara. Though reluctant to take orders from his rival and friend, Naruto readies himself to attack once more.

As Madara contemplated how similar he and Sasuke are, wondering if there was a connection beyond familial ties, and lamenting the fact that he could have used the young man had he been born before Obito, his opponents prepare their attack. With Naruto forming the Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasengan using Shukaku's chakra which also carried the added benefit of a juinjutsu, he and Sasuke — who had formed a Chidori infused with the Six Paths Power — land a simultaneous attack on Madara only to find out that it was the projection from his Limbo technique. Naruto urges Sasuke to stop Madara from reaching his destination, but the young man is too late as Madara rips Kakashi's Sharingan from his eye socket and sticks it into his own. Meanwhile, in the other dimension, Obito asks Sakura to destroy the Rinnegan as he could no longer suppress Black Zetsu. Before she can, however, Madara uses Kamui to warp into the dimension just as Sasuke cuts him in half in the real world and throws a staff at Sakura declaring that he would not allow them to destroy his eye.


  • When Naruto swings his staff at Madara, the markings on the Flying Thunder God Kunai disappear. However, this was corrected in the tankōbon version.
  • In two panels, the tomoe in Sasuke's Rinnegan are missing. This was not corrected in the tankōbon version.
  • In one panel, Naruto is depicted with eleven Truth-Seeking Balls. This was not corrected in the tankōbon version.
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