"Sasuke's Victory" (サスケの勝利, Sasuke no Shōri) is chapter 394 of the original Naruto manga.


Itachi's Amaterasu continues to burn the area. After a few speechless moments of watching, Zetsu realises Itachi truly has died despite almost succeeding in taking Sasuke's eyes. His right half declares this to be Sasuke's victory, yet his left half is still confused. He notes that the fight was unusual, as Itachi's movements were sluggish nor was he fighting at his true strength. His right half agrees, as Itachi could not evade nor counterattacks that he should have been able to handle, and he was coughing up blood. The right half suggests that he may have been seriously weakened before the battle began. Zetsu is unsure if it was due to using the Sharingan too much. They then leave, seeing how they can't draw any conclusions, with the left half mentioning how Itachi was so close to getting his brother's eyes too. Sasuke has finally calmed down. Realising that he's safe, he smiles for finally killing his brother before he collapses from exhaustion. Elsewhere, the Konoha ninja pursuing Sasuke rule out all possible explanations for why Tobi is not being damaged by their attacks. Opting to capture instead of damage him, Shino prepares his kikaichū for battle.

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