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Scientific ninja tools.

Scientific Ninja Tools (科学忍具, Kagaku Ningu) are a class of advanced ninja tools produced in the decades following the Fourth Shinobi World War as a result of unprecedented cooperation and networking between the hidden villages, as well as the declassifying of military technologies for civilian research.[1]

Konohagakure's Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, helmed by Katasuke Tōno, are considered leaders in this field of study.[2] The secret society Kara is also responsible for the advancement and proliferation of scientific ninja tools, with their leader, Jigen, and resident scientist, Amado Sanzu, amassing and further refining the technology well beyond the capabilities of even Konohagakure.[3] Amado has since defected to Konohagakure.

Types of Scientific Ninja Tools

Scientific ninja tools can generally be organised into one of four categories depending on their function and method of operation:

A Condenser Type tool.

  • Condenser Type (コンデンサ型, Kondensa-gata) scientific ninja tools utilise a Chakra Condenser (チャクラ・コンデナ, Chakura Kondensa) to accumulate the chakra necessary to launch a jutsu using a special system that reads Scroll Cartridges. In addition to allowing shinobi to perform jutsu without expending their own chakra, individuals with no ninja training are able to use ninjutsu so long as they know how to operate the device. Condenser Type scientific ninja tools are subject to some limitations, namely the capacity of Chakra Condensers and which types of jutsu can be reproduced.[1]
  • Bionic Type (バイオニック型, Baionikku-gata) scientific ninja tools are prosthetic limbs and artificial organs based on the engineering of traditional puppets and research into the unique properties of Hashirama Senju's cells, which utilise artificial chakra pathways to integrate and interface with the recipient's body as if they were a natural part of it. The large numbers of combat injuries sustained by shinobi created widespread demand for these procedures, and in the years following the Fourth Shinobi World War, civilians were also able to take advantage of them.[1]
  • Amplification Type (増輻型, Zōfuku-gata) scientific ninja tools are powered by the user's chakra or triggered by activating a jutsu, enhancing and amplifying their natural abilities or activating unique effects. Because the effects produced by these devices are purely physical phenomena, they typically cannot be nullified or absorbed by other jutsu.[1]
  • Advanced Technology Type (先進技術型, Saishin Gijutsu-gata) scientific ninja tools are traditional ninja tools that have been improved using state of the art advancements in science and technology. These include nonmetal kunai constructed from super-hard ceramics, heat-insulated and puncture-resistant combat uniforms, reinforced monomolecular wires, miniaturised telecommunication devices, remote-controlled drone weapons, and a variety of other weapons and tools. In a broad sense this category also includes other modern technologies such as the Thunder Trains and computers. It is expected that a new generation of shinobi will excel in using these advanced technologies, taking on a specialised role similar to Medical-nin and Sensor Types.[3]


Main article: Shinobi-Ware Integrated Mechanical Ninja Tools (内蔵機械忍具, Naizō Kikai Ningu), known simply as Shinobi-Ware (シノビ・ウェアー, Shinobi Ueā), are bionic type scientific ninja tools that have been developed to be used as prosthetics or implants for both civilian and combat use.[4]

As bionic type scientific ninja tools, they incorporate the engineering of traditional puppets and research into the unique properties of Hashirama Senju's cells, and utilise artificial chakra pathways to interface with the recipient's body.[5]

Originally invented and developed by Katasuke Tōno, members of Kara also possess advanced Shinobi-Ware after Katasuke's research was stolen and the designs were expanded upon by Amado Sanzu.

Scientific Ninja Weapons Team

This list refers to tools designed and distributed by Konohagakure's Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, lead by Katasuke Tōno.

Foam Spray

The Foam Spray (泡スプレー, Awa Supurē) is an advanced technology type scientific ninja tool invented by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team which forms a film on an injured person's skin, sealing cuts and boosting their innate healing powers to heal wounds more quickly.

Scroll Cartridge

A Scroll Cartridge (巻物カートリッジ, Makimono Kātorijji) is a special type of scroll used as ammunition for certain scientific ninja tools. At first appearing as a normal sealing scroll, upon absorbing a technique it shrinks down to the size of a bullet and can then be loaded into a tool to be activated later. When a nature transformation technique is activated from a Scroll Cartridge, its elemental release is typically suffixed with "Bullet" (, Dan).

Shinobi Gauntlet

The Shinobi Gauntlet is a gauntlet developed by Katasuke that allows the user to quickly and easily activate techniques sealed in Scroll Cartridges.

Smoke-Flash Bomb

Smoke-Flash Bomb is an advanced technology type scientific ninja tool invented by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team that has the ability to numb a person's senses with intense sound and light when their hearing and sight are exposed.


Shijima (シジマ, literally meaning: Stillness) is a large device invented by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team that negates sound by colliding specific phases of sound waves, the opposite principle of resonance. As it is large and currently negates all sound, its practical applications are limited.

Climbing mitts and boots

These climbing mitts and boots, which were invented by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, are amplification type scientific ninja tools that utilise Van der Waals forces in order to allow the wearer to climb and walk on walls without relying on continuous chakra use after being initially activated.

Kite Transport

This kite-like device, which was invented by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, is an invention that allows the user to fly, even though it's difficult to control.

Chakra Blade

The Chakra Blade (チャクラ刀, Chakuratō), an amplification type scientific ninja tool, is a bladeless katana invented by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team that uses the wielder's chakra to emit a Chakra Blade. As a prototype, its high chakra consumption rate renders it too impractical to use.

Powered Suit

The Powered Suit (パワースーツ, Pawā Sūtsu) was designed for nursing and rehabilitation care, but was modified by Katasuke for combat purposes, allowing its gauntlets to create orbs which absorb ninjutsu. The right gauntlet was stolen by Ao, while at the same time Boruto began wearing the left one.

Nue Sync Headset

In the anime, this device was designed for the purpose of Sumire Kakei keeping Nue under control. Sumire wears a headset that enables her to sync her eyesight with Nue's.


This list refers to tools created by Kara's Amado, which were then distributed or implanted into both Outer and Inners of the organisation.

Microscopic Scientific Ninja Tools

These tools are integrated in the members which allow them to transform their appendages for various uses, ranging from weapons to jet propulsion.

Autonomous Puppets

Autonomous puppets, or automatons, are condenser type scientific ninja tools that act independently without a puppeteer. They can be outfitted with Scroll Cartridges to use techniques Fire Release Bullet: "Blaze". These are also used by Kirigakure.[6]

According to character trivia from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

  • The puppets' attributes are: 100 in strength, 10 in negotiation, 0※ in chakra, 30 in intelligence, 80 in perception, and 100 in dexterity. (※The Puppet Weapon's chakra is stored in and used from a condenser.)
    • They were also given a skill rating in these particular areas:
      • Mobilisation: ★★★☆☆
      • Marksmanship: ★★★☆☆
      • Wrestling: ★★★☆☆
    • Shinobi-Ware:
      • Fire Release Bullet (火遁弾, Katon Dan), Taijutsu Steel Nerves (体術鋼化神経, Taijutsu Kōka Shinkei), Armoured Model Rapid-Fire Shuriken Launcher (外装型連取手裏剣ランチャー, Gaisōgata Renshu Shuriken Ranchā), others

Gatling Gun

The gatling gun is a condenser type scientific ninja tool that was supplied to Ao by Koji Kashin allowed the wielder to rapidly fire a barrage of Fire Release Bullet ninjutsu using Scroll Cartridges. It was destroyed by Konohamaru Sarutobi's Rasengan.

Mirror Drones

Remotely chakra-controlled drones that can be used to attack from high up in the sky.

In Other Media

In Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, there are a multitude of Scientific Ninja Tools available as either weapons, or to be used as a Ninja Tool - mostly through a Shinobi Gauntlet with Scroll Cartriges:

  • Wind Release Bullet (風遁弾, Fūtondan) - Throws out a shuriken made of Wind Release chakra.
  • Fire Release Bullet (火遁弾, Katondan) - Throws out a small fireball.
  • Lightning Release Bullet (電遁弾, Raitondan) - Throws out a lightning bolt at a target, not too dissimilar to Lightning Release: Lightning Net Technique.
  • Earth Release Bullet (土遁弾, Dotondan) - Creates a large sphere of rocks (akin to Chibaku Tensei), which the user then throws.
  • Water Release Bullet (水遁弾, Suitondan) - Creates a ring of bubbles around the user.
  • Rasengan (螺旋丸) - Creates a small Rasengan that can track a target.
  • Purple Lightning (紫電, Shiden) - A short-range version of Kakashi Hatake's Lightning Release: Purple Electricity.
  • Glimmering Flames - Throws out a ring of blue fireballs that home in on a targeted enemy.
  • Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) - Creates a shadow clone in front of the user from using a Shinobi Gauntlet scroll cartridge.
  • Crimson Star - A Fūma Shuriken with red chakra blades that spins in place for a few seconds when thrown, then returns to its user.
  • Cooling Breeze - Throws out a bubble that ripples in the air on contact.
  • Piercing Note - Creates a diamond-shaped shield of stone in front of the user.
  • Scale Fragment - A piece of Kawaki's ninja tool arm; allegedly heavier than a standard Kunai.

As weapons:

  • Chakra Claw α (Alpha) & β (Beta) - Large claw weapons that emanate yellow (α variant)/aquamarine (β variant) chakra.
  • Red Flying Swallow - Modified Chakra Blades that utilises red chakra as blades, which can extend to at least twice the length of the initial "blade".
  • Double Moon Sword & Double Moon Sword: Zero - A giant double-ended sword with blue (Double Moon Sword)/purple (Zero variant) blades, made to be used like a staff. The Zero variant is a prototype of the Double Moon Sword.
  • Swirling Storm - A modified Triple-Bladed Scythe with green chakra for blades.
  • Burning Sun - Hand protectors modified with circular jets that extrude flames when the user clenches their fists.
  • Scattered Rain - A modified parasol extruding turquoise chakra, fitted with a small Chakra Cannon in the tip.
  • Thunder God - Boxing gloves extruding green Lightning Release chakra, which also boosts its user's speed.
  • Rhapsody - A double-ended scythe with orange chakra blades, which can be separated into two scythes.
  • Carapace - Knuckle guards made of the same material as Kawaki's ninja tool arm.
  • Violet Soul - Knuckle dusters extruding purple chakra & flames that can be extended to blast opponents away.
  • Spin of Rebellion - A modified parasol extruding pink chakra, with extendable pointed chakra blades mounted on the hem.


  • According to Katasuke, Kawaki's body was modified with inorganic technologies to the point he can be considered a living scientific ninja tool.
  • According to Kawaki, the requirement to control all the technologies implanted into the body requires a core, at least the size of a heart. Should this core be destroyed, all the implants will go out of control.
  • In the anime, the prototype chakra blade's colour differs depending on the wielder. When used by Boruto Uzumaki, the blade is blue. When used by Ao, the blade is red.


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