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"Scientific Ninja Tools" (科学忍具, Kagaku Ningu) is chapter 20 of the Boruto manga.


Konohamaru tries convincing Ao not to fight them. Ao ignores him, and Konohamaru tells everyone to seek protection behind the cave's rocks as Ao opens fire. Sarada recognises the attack as the same Fire Release bullets the autonomous puppets used. Katasuke engages Ao despite his warning of having no mercy, even for him. Katasuke absorbs Ao's attacks with his suit, allowing Konohamaru to destroy Ao's weapon with a Rasengan, and asks Ao about the blimp's cargo. When Ao doesn't answer, Konohamaru asks about Kara instead. Ao lands a hit on Konohamaru's face with shots from the hidden prosthetics on his body, and notes the situation to be more complex than anticipated. He charges at Katasuke, and claims one of his suit's gloves, using them to absorb Boruto's Rasengan, and kicking him aside. Ao marvels at the glove. Sarada considers using the Smoke-Flash Bomb, but chooses not to, as her allies don't know any signal to let them know of her plan. Mugino grabs Ao, trying to stall him so the others can get away. Ao pierces Mugino's chest with a scientific ninja tool installed in his left forearm, Mugino activates an Earth Release jutsu, causing part of the cave to collapse on top of them to take Ao out and let everyone else escape. Konohamaru comments on Mugino's sacrifice, and as Ao begins to emerge from the rubble, tells them not waste Mugino's sacrifice. Boruto is about to confront Ao, but Konohamaru orders a retreat, and they flee. Elsewhere, Sarada applies the healing foam to Konohamaru's face. Katasuke confesses to having leaked information on scientific ninja tools while under genjutsu around the time of the Chūnin Exams. Konohamaru tells them to consider such knowledge as highly classified, and decides to act as a distraction for Ao while the others deliver the information recovered from the blimp. Katasuke volunteers to be a decoy instead, feeling responsible for creating the technology Ao is employing. Boruto tells him not to feel guilty over it, as he himself used to disapprove of scientific ninja tools, but seeing what they could do at the research institute changed his mind. He now understands that the way they're used is what matters, and is furious that Ao, understanding that himself and owing his life to the research, is choosing to use them to kill. Boruto is determined not to let Ao make everyone see scientific ninja tools like he once did. He then dons Katasuke's second glove and triggers the chakra katana, intending to show Ao the right way to use them.

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