This technique makes use of the users chakra as a paralysing agent. The user throws kunai with strings attached at the opponent. Once the enemy is hit, chakra is ran through the string to paralyse the opponent, which will serve to either incapacitate the enemy or allow the user to attack.[2] However, against those who can absorb chakra, this technique could backfire as the target may simply steal chakra from the user, while exhibiting immunity to the paralysis, as Kisame demonstrated.


  • Stone needle (石鍼, 石針, ishibari) is an old word for acupuncture needles, indicating the stone needles used as far back as Stone Age China to open abscesses. The pressure points used in acupuncture are said to be able to inflict great pain, paralysis, and even death, hence this technique's name. This offensive use has long been featured in fiction as an unorthodox, but elegant fighting method. Haku, for example, uses this to great effect.


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