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舟戸青煉 Funato Seiren
Anime Boruto Episode #239
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Female.svg Female
Status Deceased
  • Pirate
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Seiren Funato (舟戸青煉, Funato Seiren) was a pirate from the Funato clan.


Seiren during the Funato clan's ritual.

As a child, her father Araumi returned from another raid and also brought with him a young boy named Tenma who he decided to adopt. Seiren later watched nervously as her younger brother, Ikada, was forcibly put through a rite of passage ceremony to determine his inherited power. As Ikada was hurled into the ocean as raging storm took place, his Funato abilities manifested, causing a massive wave that saved him from drowning, leaving Seiren and her brothers speechless.

Later, after their father was captured by Kirigakure, Ikada decided to leave home to pursue his passion for boats, Seiren was the only one who supported him, and the two have kept in touch. However, she did so in hopes that Ikada would discover how corrupt the Land of Water was, and return on his own.


Seiren was very committed to her clan and father. So loyal, she tolerated no acts of betrayal, striking down an entire island for allying with Kirigakure after her father's capture, even if the people were old or defenceless. Likewise, she would push herself well-beyond her own limits, even while gravely injured to serve her clan. Her greatest desire was to see the Funato reign supreme and firmly control all of the seas. She did have a soft side, caring for her younger brother Ikada and trusting him to find his own path. However, this ultimately fell back to her loyalty to the clan as a whole, wanting Ikada to find his pride as a Funato. Taking pride as a person of the sea, she felt people who grew up in cities are spoiled. In battle, she enjoyed mocking her opponents' situation.


Seiren was a tan-skinned girl of slender yet curvaceous frame and average height. She had short, spiky orange hair with chin-length bangs framing the sides of her face and silver-coloured irides. Her most noticeable trait was three gill-like markings on both sides of her neck. She wore a white tanktop above her navel with small brown vest, grey bandages about her arms, a simple necklace with three beads, and brown pants that was torn on her left leg with a long black legging.


As a leading member of the Funato clan, Seiren was a powerful shinobi. She was noted to have never lost a target. She also had a talent for disguising as a bystander.


Seiren wielding her bow.

Seiren could produce a black fog, capable of obscuring herself and her ship. She was capable in kenjutsu, using a blade to strike down her foes. Her specialty in battle was archery, using her ray shaped bow to fire off chakra arrows to snipe her targets. Beyond the damage of the arrows, they also paralysed the opponent by disrupting their chakra flow. By plucking on the strings of her bow, she could also change the arrows' path after they are fired to circumvent blocking attempts. Also with strings, she could detect people in an area through echolocation.

New Era

Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc

Main article: Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc Following Isari's successful rescue of their father, Seiren joined the family for a feast to celebrate. As they discussed the continued growth in their clan's number of followers, Tenma arrived. He revealed that his ship fortress was destroyed, along with its main cannon, by a team effort of Kiri and Konoha-nin. As Seiren was shocked to hear of this team-up, Isari and Araumi, however, remained unconcerned, noting that it was no longer necessary for their plans.

Seiren kills a traitor.

Later, as word reached that the Mizukage had joined the front lines, the Funato clan prepared for war. Meanwhile, Seiren went ahead to an island filled with clan traitors. She was also eager to meet up with Ikada. After killing the traitors, she sought out Ikada in secret. As the siblings caught up, Seiren insisted that it was time for him to return to the clan. Ikada refused, believing his place with was his ship-building teacher, Kajiki.

Seiren confronts Ikada.

Seiren refused to accept it, demanding that Ikada do what was needed for the clan, especially with his inherited power. As she left and promised to return for him that night, she walked past by Boruto Uzumaki. Noticing his Konoha forehead protector, she realised he was among the people who destroyed Tenma's ship. Upon returning to her men, she told them they would kill all on the island but one, making sure word spread about the Funato might.

As her team attacked the island, Seiren quickly found Boruto, who had created shadow clones to protect himself, wary of the black fog. Refusing to elaborate why she targeted him, she continued to fire at him, paralysing his arm. Kagura arrived in time to block one of her shots, and explained to Boruto how she tracked him through echolocation. Boruto made use of the thunderstorm to throw off her tracking, and coordinated with Kagura, allowing him to sneak up on her and strike her down. Wounded and unconscious, she was rescued by Funamushi, who brought her back to their ship. Despite their differences, Ikada quickly came to her side to watch over her. While stabilised, her injuries began showing no signs of recovering.

Seiren succumbs to her injuries.

Eventually, she awoke. After remembering what happened, despite the severity of her wounds, she angrily decided to return to the battlefield, quickly collapsing and reopening her wounds. Ikada, wanting to calm her, lied to her that Kirigakure was defeated by the Funato. Seiren cried tears of joy believing that her clan finally succeeded, dying soon after.


Her death caused Ikada to abandon his dream to become a shipbuilder and awaken his true power to serve the Funato, specifically to avenge her death by destroying Kirigakure and killing Boruto. Ironically, Seiren's wish for Ikada to see the corruption of the Land of Water and return to the clan was only fulfilled due to her death. Upon Ikada finally awakening his true powers and embracing his destiny as a Funato, Araumi lamented that neither Seiren nor Tenma lived to see it.


  • "Seiren" is an alternative word for siren in Welsh while it has some meanings in Japanese:
    • When written as 精練, it means "scouring".
    • When written as 精錬, it means "smelting".