"Self-Introduction" (自己紹介, Jiko Shōkai, Viz: Self-Intro) is chapter 396 of the original Naruto manga.


Tobi and Zetsu disappear. The Konoha ninja locate the site of Sasuke's fight with Itachi and try to reach it first. They bypass Itachi's lingering Amaterasu flames and prepare for another possible encounter with Tobi, only to find they are too late, as Sasuke and Itachi's body are gone. Unable to find a trail, they realise their pursuit has failed. Later, Sasuke wakes up in a cave. He is greeted by Tobi, who tended to his injuries after his fight with Itachi. He offers to tell Sasuke everything he doesn't know about Itachi, but Sasuke does not respond. Deciding to start with introductions, Tobi removes his mask slightly to show his Sharingan.

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