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The Sensing Technique allows sensor type shinobi to mould chakra and change it to the sensor type. This enables them to detect and track down targets through their chakra signatures. The range of this technique varies between sensors.

Unique Sensory Techniques

  • Spider Web Area — Exclusive to Kidōmaru. With this technique, he is able to send chakra through webs to detect the approach of any enemy, that touches the threads. The web is so sensitive, that not even the slightest disturbance of the air goes unnoticed.
  • Mind's Eye of the Kagura — Exclusive to Karin. With this technique, she is capable of finding, sensing and tracking any individual over vast range by focusing and opening her mind's eye.
  • Rain Tiger at Will Technique — Exclusive to Nagato. Using this, he is capable of creating falling raindrops, which are closely linked to his senses. When the rain is obstructed by a chakra belonging to someone not of the village, the existence of the intruder can be detected.
  • Sensing Hexagram Seal — A hexagram seal that allows the user, by transmitting waves, to sense targets in a large radius, akin to a radar.
  • Sensing Water Sphere — A sphere made out of water that lets the user monitor the surrounding area. Despite the usefulness, the sphere itself does not provide a complete form of detection, unless it is complemented with a barrier.
  • Negative Emotions Sensing — Exclusive to Kurama and its jinchūriki. Using this technique, the user is capable of detecting negative emotions, such as hatred, of any individual around them.
  • Concealed Sand Picture Cat — Exclusive to Gaara. With this technique, he is able to spread specialised sand across a wide terrain and detect anything that comes into contact with it, even if the target is invisible.


  • Throughout the series, various characters have commented on the feel of chakra and similar comments regarding the ability to sense high, foul or potent levels of chakra a little, leading to the possibility that chakra sensing is merely a more refined version of this by either teaching or being simply born more "sensitive".[2][3][4][5]
  • In the anime, if a sensor struggles sensing beyond a limited range, they can expand it with a medium that employs their chakra to move around. Sensing was also methodically compared to the Yamanaka Clan's Mind Body Switch Technique.[6]


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