The Seventh Front.

The Seventh Front (第七戦線, Dainanasensen, English TV: Battlefield Seven) was one of the fronts on which the Allied Shinobi Forces battled the White Zetsu Army. Originally being held by twenty-four members of the Water Attack Raid Unit, they were quickly overrun by a force of two thousand White Zetsu. A group from the Supply Unit, the Thundercloud Unit of Kumogakure went to support them, but were trapped. They were eventually rescued by reinforcements from the main forces.[1]


The Seventh Front was a wide open, barren terrain near open water. It had two distinct features marking it apart from other areas, those being, a damp red soil that made up the area nearest the water's edge and a large stone statue similar to a reclining Buddha with some compound mostly made of metal built into it.


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