A technique that implements the Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique. A technique that excites women sexually by changing into two naked men. Unlike when changing into girls, other things are vital besides proportions, like the selection and combination of the men one transforms into and how they pose. By being well acquainted with the person the technique is targeted to and adjusting the transformation accordingly, one can deliver an even greater impact.

When Sakura angrily admonished the effectiveness of perverted techniques (specifically, that only perverted people would fall for its intended distraction potential), Konohamaru quickly created this technique to spite her and prove a point. Oddly enough, he was successful.


  • The word the databook uses to describe women is 婦女子 (fujoshi, women). This word is pronounced the same as 腐女子 (rotten girl), a slang word for a girl who is a great fan of comics featuring male homo-eroticism (a yaoi fangirl).
  • This technique does not appear in the anime. However, a slightly similar technique is used by Konohamaru in the Rock Lee spin-off anime, Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden, showing only Sasuke called the Sexy Man Technique, along with another featuring Might Guy called the Sexy: Manly Man Technique.
  • In the English manga, only the silhouette of this technique is visible. Sai still points out that the two figures are him and Sasuke.


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