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"Shadow Clone Technique" (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Viz: Shadow Doppelganger Jutsu) is chapter 29 of the Boruto manga.


Koji enters Konoha undetected. Thinking back on his words, Delta believes Koji deceived her so he could continue the mission without her surveillance. Koji releases a toad to search for Kawaki. Kawaki stares at the glue tube, thinking about Boruto's attitude. Naruto offers to spar with Boruto, who despite trying to play it down, is excited about it, earning Himawari's teasing. Naruto invites Kawaki to watch, as it might turn into research on Kāma. Boruto asks Naruto not to go easy on him, as Himawari cheers for him. Boruto attacks with taijutsu and shadow clones. The clones spark Kawaki's interest. Naruto defeats Boruto's clones. Kawaki tells Boruto to stop playing and use Kāma so they can learn more about it. Assuming Boruto still can't activate it at will, Kawaki activates his own so Boruto's will activate in resonance. Kawaki says Boruto will simply be stronger with it. Naruto agrees that sparring would be a preferable way of learning more about to actual combat. Boruto attacks with taijutsu, trading more blows with Naruto than before. When Boruto attacks with a Lightning Release, Naruto uses a shadow clone to block it, using its dispersion as a diversion to move behind Boruto, kicking him aside. Naruto recognises that Boruto is stronger not only because of Kāma, but also from his own training. They finish the sparring with the Seal of Reconciliation, which Himawari explains to Kawaki as a salute. Kawaki thinks back to when he sparred with Jigen, who would constantly beat and demean Kawaki while trying to get him to use Kāma. Later, Kawaki asks Naruto if Boruto is always like he is when sparring, saying it seemed fun. Naruto asks if Kawaki is interested in ninjutsu training, but Kawaki explains he can't use chakra, as he's not a shinobi. Naruto concedes shinobi use chakra for ninjutsu, but adds that everyone has chakra, and that it's something that connects people. Kawaki doesn't understand it, and asks about the Shadow Clone Technique. Naruto comments on its usefulness for multitasking, but Kawaki asks about it being used to beat oneself up when frustrated, as a form of venting. Naruto says it doesn't work like that, admitting to having tried it long ago, and that Kawaki would be better off against an actual opponent, pointing out the value of having a rival. Kawaki says it sounds like a lie, but once again Naruto says he's proof of it. Kawaki goes outside to retrieve Himawari's broken vase, and is spotted by Koji, who sees him through the eyes of his toad.