The Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique is a ninjutsu invented by Shikamaru Nara while teaching himself to use Asuma Sarutobi's chakra blades.


By infusing the blades with his own chakra beforehand, they are given the effect of his shadow techniques. By using these weapons to pierce the enemies' shadows, they are paralysed in place. To pierce the shadow, it is necessary to avoid the target just barely — Shikamaru added fake explosive tags when he used them against Kakuzu and Hidan to help with that. Since it is more difficult for the enemy to notice it, this ninjutsu compensates for the weak point of the similar Shadow Imitation Technique, being its limited effective range. It is unknown for how long this jutsu can keep its targets paralysed, however it can be disrupted simply by the removal of the blade or by the disappearance of the opponent's shadow.


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