Sharingan Creature

One of the creatures.

Shin Uchiha employed several of these creatures as a means of spying on others and remotely communicating with his clones. They have an askew mouth, a human-like nose, four small limbs, a tail, and a single large eye featuring a fully matured Sharingan.


Sharingan Space Time Ninjutsu

A creature using Shin's space–time ninjutsu.

The creatures are highly stealthy, capable of spying at the gate of Konohagakure without being detected.[1] While it is unclear whether the creatures possess a consciousness of their own, Shin was able to remotely control their actions and speak through them,[2] and he and his clones also shared their vision with the creatures.[1] With his right Sharingan, Shin could utilise a space–time ninjutsu to transport himself to the creatures' locations,[3] and he could activate the technique through the creatures' own Sharingan to return to his hideout.[4] The creatures' eyes could also take on the appearance of Shin's Mangekyō Sharingan,[2] and in the anime, he demonstrated the ability to activate his object manipulation technique using a creature's Mangekyō.[5]

New Era

Sarada Uchiha Arc

Main article: Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Shin had one the creatures stationed outside Konohagakure, which allowed him to observe Sarada Uchiha leaving the village. He then sent one of his clone sons to capture her, but when the Seventh Hokage interfered in the kidnapping, Shin used the creature to transport his son back to his location.

Shin later used a second creature to transport himself and one of his sons to Ridge Tower, where they again assaulted Sarada and her companions. When they were defeated by her friends and family, Shin had the creature teleport himself and his son back once more, while also taking Sakura Uchiha so that she could treat his injuries. When their hideout was later attacked and Shin's sons betrayed him, he attempted to have one of the creatures teleport Sakura and Sarada away with him, but the latter intercepted the creature and punched it in the eye, seemingly killing it.


  • In the manga, Shin appears to have at least four of these creatures in his service, and they can be distinguished by their nose being on different sides of their face.[3] In the anime, only a single creature is seen, with its nose always on the right side.


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