"Shift" (交代, Kōtai, Viz: The Switch) is chapter 656 of the original Naruto manga.


As Obito laid in defeat, he watches on as Naruto uses his Big Ball Rasenshuriken to attack Madara, who has been immobilised by Hashirama. Gaara asks Shukaku for help in sealing Madara to which the raccoon eventually obliges as a way of proving himself superior to Kurama. The other tailed beasts also lend Gaara their help, intent on repaying Naruto for freeing them. Meanwhile, giving the regenerating Madara no time to retaliate, Hashirama incapacitated him further by trapping him beneath his torii seals. Despite his circumstance, Madara grins in anticipation. Kurama tells Minato that even though Obito lost the tailed beasts, he'll survive as he's still connected to the life force of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Obito muses on how Nagato used the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to help the enemy, then ultimately decides to do the same. Obito tells Minato and Kakashi that he finally understands why Nagato would side with Naruto in the end; the teachings of Jiraiya were what gave them hope for a better future. Knowing that his connection to Minato, who was a student of Jiraiya made him similar to Nagato and Naruto, Obito decides to repent by sacrificing his own life the same way Nagato did. At that moment, Black Zetsu suddenly appears and grabs hold of Obito. As Zetsu apologises to him, he declares that this was his singular purpose all along as he begins to merge with Obito's body. Madara thanks Naruto for weakening Obito as it allows Black Zetsu to manipulate Obito into using the Outer Path technique to successfully bring Madara back to life. Now alive the ecstatic Madara declares that he would once again be able to enjoy the thrills of war with a human body.