Shin Uchiha is able to perform a space–time ninjutsu using his Sharingan.[1]


This technique creates a spiralling void centred on the user's eye, drawing them and everything in their immediate surroundings inwards and transporting them to another location. The space affected by this technique warps anyone and anything within its confines, even affecting chakra-based substances. The technique activates fast enough that it can capture a target before they have time to react, and the size and shape of the spatial barrier can be manipulated to some extent to fit the situation.[2]

Shin is able to activate this technique using his right eye in order to transport himself to the locations of his spying creatures, emerging from a void created by their own Sharingan.[1] He can also channel this technique through the creatures themselves, allowing him and his clones to strategically retreat to their hideout at a moment's notice.[3]

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