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Ao's Shinobi-Ware.

Integrated Mechanical Ninja Tools (内蔵機械忍具, Naizō Kikai Ningu), known simply as Shinobi-Ware (シノビ・ウェアー, Shinobi Ueā), are Scientific Ninja Tools that have been developed to be used as prosthetics or implants for both civilian and combat use.[1]

Most known Shinobi-Ware has been developed by Katasuke Tōno, however, members of Kara also possess advanced Shinobi-Ware after Katasuke's research was stolen and the designs were expanded upon by Amado.

List of Shinobi-Ware

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto utilised a prosthetic right hand which was a prototype ninjutsu-absorbing device based on the abilities of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, developed by Katasuke; the ability to discharge absorbed ninjutsu still remains under development, and Naruto has only worn it briefly during a sparring match.[2]


Fire Release bullets

Ao's Shinobi-Ware.

Ao's body has been extensively augmented with Shinobi-Ware as a result of injuries received during the Fourth Shinobi World War, including a cranio-facial prosthetic covering his right eye, cheek, and ear, as well as prosthetic limbs replacing his left arm below the elbow and left leg below the knee. A device was also seemingly implanted into the right side of his chest which could launch a pair of Fire Release Bullets as a surprise attack.[3]

The Type-3 Shinobi Gauntlet (参式忍籠手, Sanshiki Shinobigote)[1] is a type of Shinobi Gauntlet seemingly built into Ao's prosthetic left forearm, which in addition to being able to discharge jutsu was outfitted with a double-sided Chakra Blade emitter. The Chakra Absorber Mark 2 (チャクラ・アブソーバーMk.II, Chakura Abusōbā Māku Tsu)[1] is one of the various pieces of Shinobi-Ware used by Ao. It presumably draws chakra from his body to power and control his other Shinobi-Ware and Scientific Ninja Tools.


Garō's Appearance

Garō's Shinobi-Ware.

Garō's body was modified with Reflux-Type Pressure-Enhanced Muscles (還流式増圧筋肉, Kanryūshiki Zōatsu Kinniku) and his left and right forearms were outfitted with Type-5 Shinobi Gauntlets (五式忍籠手, Goshiki Shinobigote), which were designed for combat and included three claw-like fingers and a central cannon that could launch Fire Release Bullets.[4] His body also contained an Argos Unit (アルゴス・ユニット, Arugosu Yunitto) and other unidentified Shinobi-Ware.[5]


Kawaki's Shinobi Ware

Kawaki's Shinobi-Ware.

Kawaki's body has been extensively modified by an extremely talented scientist, down to the level of his circulatory and nervous systems. Countless microscopic scientific ninja tools implanted throughout his entire body make alterations to his body tissues at the cellular level, granting him powers similar to that of a kekkei genkai, such as allowing him to transform and weaponize parts of his body.[6] The details of his Shinobi-Ware are strictly classified.

After Kawaki's right forearm was destroyed by Delta, Katasuke fitted the stump with a prosthetic interface and gave him one of the prototypes designed for Naruto until he could developed a high performance prosthesis attuned to Kawaki's chakra. As Naruto's prototype was only designed to function using Naruto's chakra, using it required Naruto to continuously knead and share a trivial amount of chakra with Kawaki, which Naruto compared to maintaining a single shadow clone. The arm appeared so have no special functionality, and ceased functioning when Naruto slept.


Absorption Eye

Delta's Shinobi-Ware.

Delta's legs are modified with the same tissue-altering Shinobi-Ware as Kawaki, allowing her to transform and weaponise her legs, as well as to emit continuous blasts of chakra that enable flight. A deployable drone is housed in her back, which can follow her commands and can be remotely controlled without requiring chakra. The drone is equipped with a camera that is linked directly to Delta's artificial eyes, and also has a radar feature that allows it to detect things invisible to the naked eye. Her artificial eyes can absorb and discharge jutsu, and are outfitted with a special beam emitter that causes cellular decay, halting regenerative abilities. However Delta's artificial eyes don't have an unlimited capacity and can be overwhelmed by a person of massive chakra supply.


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