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シオレ Shiore
Manga Volume #5, Naruto Chapter #45
Anime Naruto Episode #21
Game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Part I: 160 cm
    1.6 m
    5.249 ft
    62.992 in
Ninja Rank

Shiore (シオレ, Shiore) was a genin from Kusagakure.


Shiore had long smooth black hair and black eyes. He wore a straw hat on his head with his forehead protector underneath and an attire that resembled Orochimaru's but with the jumper legs matching the jumper's top half and doesn't have bandages around his calves and ankles.

Part I

Chūnin Exams

Shiore and his team were participants in the Chūnin Exams in Konohagakure, but sometime before the Exams, Orochimaru killed Shiore and his team, and assumed his identity to test Sasuke Uchiha's abilities in the Forest of Death. While his stolen face was melted off by Sasuke's Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique, Shiore's corpse was eventually found by Izumo Kamizuki, Kotetsu Hagane, and Mozuku. By the time an alerted Anko Mitarashi became aware of her former mentor's presence in the Chūnin Exams and confronted him, Orochimaru had achieved his goal and discarded his disguise.


  • In the Japanese manga, anime, and in the English manga, Shiore is always referred to as a male. In the English dub and some Japanese subtitled versions, Shiore is referred to as a woman until it's revealed that it was Orochimaru in disguise.
  • The kanji (written three times) on the talisman hanging on Shiore's conical straw hat reads "Aku", which means "evil".
  • Shiore's name was revealed only in the Naruto Anime Profiles.


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