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(白銀一族, Shirogane Ichizoku)
Game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
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The Shirogane Clan (白銀一族, Shirogane Ichizoku) was the puppet clan from the Land of Wind.


The Shirogane clan lived on the border of the Land of Wind. They were a small clan with no particularly skilled ninja. Trying to find a source of power to compensate for that, they created puppet walkers. Wielding an army, they survived the Shinobi Wars. But a dark secret was exposed: to develop the puppet walkers, they abducted humans and experimented on them. The puppet walkers were outlawed, causing the clan start a rebellion against the Five Great Nations and being annihilated. They were the developers of the Master Puppet, the ultimate puppet walker who have power to destroy nations. But an unexpected event happened: it had its own will. And fearing its immense power, and the prospect that the puppet might one day rebel against its creators, the Shirogane sealed the Master Puppet away into the five Spirit Orbs. The Master Puppet was about to be revived during the rebellion, but the clan was squashed before they could do so. The last survivors hid the Spirit Orbs and after swearing revenge on the Five Great Nations, disappeared.


The Shirogane were said to be comprised of ninja with meagre skill compared to the other existing shinobi clans. However, they were highly proficient in the puppet-making arts, as it was their apparent inferiority that led to them developing the Puppet Walkers. These Puppet Walkers are superior to normal puppets in general since they can operate without a nearby puppeteer as they can be manipulated from a distance, and are capable of getting up after receiving multiple hits from the opposition. The Shirogane Three, a trio of the clan's survivors bent on reviving the Master Puppet, and use it as the trigger for clan's revival, were all skilled puppeteers, able to control their puppets in such a way that they could not only copy a target's appearance, but also near-accurately mimic the skills of their targets.


  • "Shirogane" (白銀) literally means "silvery-white".
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