"Shisui's Request" (シスイの依頼, Shisui no Irai) is episode 454 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Fugaku feeds the fish in the Uchiha District, and talks to Itachi about the Sharingan as he leaves. Itachi is angry that Fugaku doesn't care Tenma Izumo died, but hides it. Sasuke wants to play with Itachi, but he has a mission. Shisui tells Sasuke he has to borrow Itachi. Itachi accompanies Shisui in a three-part training exercise. The two track a fugitive during the day, noticing decoys left along the way. At night, the two eat and talk. Tenma's death continues to weight on Itachi. He tells Shisui he awakened the Sharingan. The two hear a fight and arrive to find three Root members attacking a Konoha Anbu for a scroll containing information about a traitor. The attacked Anbu, a water clone, dissolves. The Root members remain unconcerned, having poisoned the real one. Shisui and Itachi fight the three Root members. Itachi turns a trap one of the Root Anbu set against herself. Shisui defeats all of the other Root members, who retreat with the other two. Shisui receives a signal that his exercise is over. The injured Anbu wants to keep the incident a secret. Shisui's superiors are glad that no one got hurt, despite the fight not being a part of the exercise. Shisui tends to a small injury of Itachi's, who still needs to get used to delay between his Sharingan's perception and his reaction time. Shisui takes Itachi back to the Uchiha compound, and the two talk about the events of the day. Years later, Itachi joins the Anbu to watch Konoha from the shadows.


  • In one scene, Itachi's Sharingan is mistakenly depicted with three tomoe instead of two. In another one, Itachi can be seen with Sharingan deactivated, despite already having it active during the fight.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Itachi UchihaHideo Ishikawa石川 英郎Ishikawa HideoCrispin Freeman
Itachi Uchiha (child)Yuka Terasaki寺崎 裕香Terasaki YukaMichelle Ruff
Sasuke Uchiha (child)Nao Toyama東山 奈央Tōyama NaoErica Mendez
Shisui UchihaKengo Kawanishi河西 健吾Kawanishi KengoNicolas Roye
RootMariko Higashiuchi
Minoru Kawai
Ryuichi Kijima
東内 マリ子
河合 みのる
木島 隆一
Higashiuchi Mariko
Kawai Minoru
Kijima Ryūichi
Fugaku UchihaKenji Hamada浜田 賢二Hamada KenjiDoug Stone
Anbu: Bird-maskedKosuke Goto後藤 光祐Gotō KōsukeVic Mignogna
JōninYo Tokinaga時永 洋Tokinaga YōTravis Willingham

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