This seal is in the Land of Swamps, and contains the body of the evil spirit Mōryō.


The technique is composed of several stages. The first three seals will light the seal up, allow the user to levitate, and create a barrier. The barrier will repel things from the outside, although Mōryō managed to enter at the cost of the life of his host, Yomi. Also, the spheres inside the circle will begin to revolve around the circle.

The next nine seals will cause the gate-like seal leading to Mōryō's body to rise above the ground. This gate seems to be laid on its back.

The final six seals will release the seal on Mōryō's body, and it becomes accesible (to Mōryō). After reclaiming his body, Mōryō managed to break the barrier around the seal, as he mentions Yomi did not have the ability to do so.

The true effect of the sealing is that the user and the target being sealed will merge into one being. So that neither parties can utilise their chakra, the two minds are combined into one. Then one must absorb the other, as Mōryō did with Miroku (this gave to the rise of Mōryō in the first place, who was born from the darkness inside the hearts of people), and neither the user nor target can leave the shrine until this happens. Mōryō could not do the same with Shion due to the bell which contained the stone where Miroku sealed all of her powers into. Sacrifice is not really necessary, as the movie suggests that Miroku used this technique twice to seal Mōryō's body on opposite regions. Once completed, the tomb will store the victim for eternity.

Shion, however, knew nothing about this, instead believing the sealing technique will simply seal the demon away.


  • This technique uses a brand of hand seals that are completely different from the standard twelve.
  • Despite its name, this technique can be used away from shrines.
  • At the beginning of Naruto Shippūden the Movie, deep in the Land of Demons, Yomi used a similar technique by calling out the names of the nine hand seals used in the second stage of this technique, "Min → Shin → Gan → Reppyo → Shōzen → Mika → Dan → Raku → Shō", to shatter the seal on the door that locked Mōryō's soul.