"Side Story 2: Teamwork!!" (外伝其ノ二:チームワーク!!, Gaiden Sono Ni: Chīmuwāku!!) is chapter 240 of the original Naruto manga.


His master tries to stop him from attacking, but Kakashi reminds him that he is the team leader for this mission. Kakashi charges at the enemy with his Chidori, defeating wave after wave of shadow clones. When Kakashi finally reaches the real opponent, the speed of his Chidori leaves him unable to dodge a counterattack. His master saves him and quickly kills the ninja. He advises that Kakashi not use the technique again until he can overcome its drawback, and they rest for the night so that Kakashi can recover. Despite his injury, Kakashi continues to pick on Obito, drawing attention to each of his infractions of the Shinobi Rules. Though their master does not entirely approve, he explains how Kakashi's father, Sakumo Hatake, was disgraced when he didn't follow the rules and encourages Obito to be more understanding.