The highest level barrier technique that can only be used by those who possess the Six Paths Power. It is superior to the Four Red Yang Formation in both scale and hardness. Those who have awakened the Rinnegan distribute the trademark black receivers to various places in the vicinity, and manifest this huge barrier by themselves. It is impossible for anyone to step past this barrier.

Like its smaller counterpart, the barrier is highly malleable, and powerful enough to contain the blast of four Tailed Beast Balls derived from the power of the Ten-Tails without being destroyed in the process.[2] However, as with all Barrier Ninjutsu, the Six Red Yang Formation cannot stop the opponents from bypassing its boundaries with Space–Time Ninjutsu, as Minato Namikaze used the Flying Thunder God Technique to teleport everyone out of there.[3]


  • When Obito used this technique, he caused the Truth-Seeking Ball behind his right hand to emit red chakra and converted it into receivers, permanently losing the orb in the process.[4] However, in the anime, the orb remained after this technique's activation.[5]
  • The fourth databook makes no mention of this technique using a Truth-Seeking Ball, instead describing it as if it used standard black receivers.[1]


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