This is a barrier technique of the highest calibre, surpassing the Four Red Yang Formation in terms of both scale and durability. It is a barrier created by oneself that is impossible for anyone to step past, though it can only be used by those blessed with Six Paths Power.[1] When Obito Uchiha uses this technique, the Truth-Seeking Ball floating behind his right hand is engulfed in red flame-like chakra, at which point he launches six black rods from his hand, each surrounded by the same red chakra. The rods strike the ground at six points in his surroundings, and once the necessary hand seals are performed, they serve as the origin points for a gigantic red barrier.[2]

Like its smaller counterpart, the barrier is highly malleable, being capable of withstanding the explosion of four enormous Tailed Beast Balls derived from the power of the Ten-Tails by dispersing their force upwards and into the sky.[3] However, as with similar techniques, the barrier can still be bypassed through the use of space–time ninjutsu such as the Flying Thunder God Technique.[4] The barrier's creator can also deactivate it at will, as well as apparently reactivate it at a later time if necessary.[5]


  • When Obito used this technique in the manga, the Truth-Seeking Ball behind his right hand permanently disappeared, implying it was converted into the black rods used to form the barrier.[2] However, in the anime, the orb remained after this technique's activation.[6]
  • The fourth databook makes no mention of this technique involving a Truth-Seeking Ball, instead stating that it utilises the Rinnegan's trademark black receivers.[1]


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