This technique is able to instantaneously change the size of objects, making them microscopic, returning them back to normal size, or even enlarging them. Because the change in size happens too fast for the human eye to see, it appears as if the objects manifest from nothing when they return to normal size.

Jigen utilises this technique both offensively and defensively. He changes the size of stakes before entering combat, throws them at the enemy and suddenly changes their size back to normal. This prevents the enemy from seeing the incoming attack and leaves them little time to dodge. Furthermore, Jigen is able to change his own size to dodge opposing attacks and to combine this with his Kāma's absorption ability.


  • This jutsu appears to be inspired by the legendary Issun Kotarō and his magic mallet, Uchide no kozuchi, which he used to transform from an inch-tall boy into a full-sized adult.
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